Products Procurement Information

Novenco Nippon Ltd. look forward to receiving quotations and proposals from our suppliers to help us provide better products to our customers.

Product Procurement Policy
We value sincerity and trust, and promote the creation of a strong supply chain with our suppliers.
We will comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and promote resource procurement that considers environmental protection and resource conservation.
Novenco Nippon Ltd. will expand our business with excellent suppliers around the world.

Items to be procured

We will focus on “quality”, “price”, “delivery time”, and “environment” when evaluating and adopting items to be procured.
Quality: Novenco Nippon Ltd. look for a system that can meet the needs of our customers (a quality and environmental management system based on ISO9001/14001 or a system equivalent to it).
Price : Novenco Nippon Ltd. are looking for a partner who can work with us on cost reduction solutions on an ongoing basis. Price : We are looking for partners who are willing to work with us on continuous cost reduction solutions.
Delivery time : Novenco Nippon Ltd. are looking for partners who are capable of responding to fluctuations in order to build a strong supply chain.
Environment : Novenco Nippon Ltd. are looking for partners who respect the environment and have excellent environmental management technologies.

Head Office

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